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God created by men,not the other round

Rules created by laws legal men ,not that administrator who see you in courts,if you are unhappy about the rules.

M’sia 8 sisters sue brothers,nephews over family firms properties and assets.Abused of process, their lawyers who wants them to sue said that they had the right. The matriarch gave or willed to his wife who favour sons,so the sister received 6.23% each. The rest go to his sons and nephews ran the business. “only one tiger in the mountain.sisters are supportors

Whenever there is cases like this. I read with understanding with words but I still think numbers count .6.23*8…$mall

Big number count 4 nephews who knew what the firm’s were about anyway. 4 parts of the one person is father who is brothers to 8 sisters. Who forming 2 tables and nephews firm forming 1 table. This leads to questions,4 hats problems.

Who makes a false claim,must surrender the asset.see the answer..


Q&A with Marc Chamberland, author of Single Digits: In Praise of Small Numbers

The Pythagorean theorem,formulas for π Multiplication and power sets and Duals, Powers of 2, square root of 2. Polynomial 

When I had mastered numbers,you’ll no longer be reading numbers, any more then you read words when reading books like teaching, I reading the meanings.I teaching the meanings. How does one come up with such observations?

“Taxi number 1729 the sum in cubes in 2 different ways” 1℅+12℅=9℅+10℅?℅=3

Study long time and made corrections,every positive integer is one and further explore into ,you tube, tipping point math. There is new and enlightenment number 1-9 connecting to a multitude of mathematics in magical ways of like miracles happened everyday. 

My WhatsApp name miracles happen everyday was created a year ago. With 3 active members, more receivers than givers. it’s ok HUMAN number has fascinating properties connection to them. Pizza theorems required little math background and understandable by a curious 12 years old girl.(1962)

Other technical math E8 is advanced I-ching 8*8=64 out of curiosity by a same girl(2016) after retirement as an engineer background.

Much of her time spend on WordPress and i-ching engineering LIFELONG learning.(2016) YouTube videos will be NEXT.

Joseph Stiglitz lauds Britain’s decision to exit depressed eurozone | UK | News | Daily Express

Price of Inequality 

Free fall

The three trillion dollar wars

Making globalization work

Fair trade for all

The roaring nineties 

Globalization and it’s discontents.

The great divide.


A model of clarity

Clearly and provocatively… thoughtful, step back analysis of what’s driving inequality and why it is dangerous.

Joseph Stiglitz lauds Britain’s decision to exit depressed eurozone | UK | News | Daily Express

Flake currency wars .  ‘BREXIT told me a lesson, when my poor dad left a lot of money,cash in where I do not know’ is a currency wars in EU , Erh,woo fooled everyone predatory and discriminatory lending by local institutions gaming The price of inequality American or sg system,save banks not homeowners.

Architecture of deregulation policy help themselves entitled to house. Without qualified and caveats on the ground of being siblings.

As I wrote this article ,heated debate at the home and deep inside their hearts they were entitled to get money. The challenges enormously increased my strength and tougher me to empathy not sympathy.

Mismanagement by in-law generations, showing cracks in the FAMILY which the in-laws wanted .The reason was they had no sons!

By divided us, the Eu son will eventually go to them. So called eldest daughter, son in law, growing bigger. The great divide then spread to 3 other daughters’s divorced like chapters 1-3,…. post 1-3


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