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Janet Jackson ,youngest child of the Michael Jackson’s family.2007. Her performance We shall overcome. Become anthem of the civil rights movement. The inductees are chosen by African in US 800 artists, and musicians members in industries…..Rock and Roll Hall of Flames.The Harlem’s singer Shaker was famous but murdered mystery in 1996. He sang about social inequality and black struggling in hip hop engineering forum documents online,movies and Broadway musicals. JoanBaes protesting voices in 1960 s becoming Bob Dyan, Woodstock festival in 1969.
Primary one in School, to sing whatever in Radio “we shall overcome”. More updates… baby.. Health, work, Wealth , Career ,Relationships  Family  Vs  control,relation, thought, work NLP, 16 personally factors,used by FED. MBTI ( I Ching ), enneagram 1-9 charts. Ocean five™. DISC.® Dominance,integity,steady, C .. Steady  65% (Army USA,agt.) Accuracy .


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I see mining taxes ,carbon taxes , environment taxes ,&&& steel industries will go up in the future due to closures.

China passes landmark law to slap steep taxes on polluters

Namlee metal.tata steel..
Which states produce the most coal? – FAQ – U.S. Energy …
The five largest coal-producing states with production in million short tons and share of total U.S. coal production in 2014 were: Wyoming: 395.7 (40%) West Virginia: 112.2 (11%)
China consumes nearly as much coal as the rest of the world …
Of the 2.9 billion tons of global coal demand growth since 2000, China accounted for 2.3 billion tons (82%). China now accounts for 47% of global coal consumption—almost as much as the entire rest of the world combined.
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Banksters era

$OCBC Bank(O39) $UOB(U11) $DBS(D05) – Negative Outlook for 2017 ‘Sentiment driven rally; Reiterate sector Negative Since Trump’s victory in Nov-16, Singapore banks have rallied ~8-18% on expectation US fed fund rate will normalize, and due to oil and…:[]