,9( crabs stocks)

Inside story of the battle for Brexit.
Behind a campaign promising hope and glory – muted by blood,sweat and tears with hatred, all riven by money’s posh boys against the toxic hardboys.mentality intectually against almost everyone else.
  The divided family reveals the truth behind the allegations that divided families, ultimate ly, the siblings of 10 members.
Some brought back tears ,most colourful characteristics of EU politics.
This once _upon_a_time a union pay members  seek opportunity to free the adopted son grip of brutal forces. Start to put to one side and rivalries put on hold to push for a leave vote in the EU family (referendum….Or did it? He left)

Cameron’s deal and the final Fighting on battle buses.
After acknowledging the referendum result, I turned to my own future.
After an unopposed WooGK become administrator of LSE estate and something happened. The indebted HK
Gambler who deserted her daughter Peggy .1986( Enron. crisis affected MN I )) I told sph reportorial  media Corp.
Peggy hated her,not me. I forgive them for their mischief and theft. As well as their allegations after allegations.
Like D.Trump visit Scotland to claim his landscape as golf field.
Nigel Garage after 23 years in politics step down as UKIP leader ” I wanted my life back’s. He spent much of his summer in USA and even addressed a Donald Trump rally as part of his business mogul’s campaign to be President. Not Russian. A lot of liars…
BRExit is like we’re going to make a success of it”.
Sound familiar it now TRUMP’S turn to make America great again …
Subversion Beck screen are British Trump grandparent generation
Malcolm MacLeod (Mary Anne MacLeod Trump’s father).
TRUMP’S family business talks about money from sky.The net worth of Donald Trump is $3,700,000,000.00.
Trump Turnberry, a Luxury Collection Resort, Scotland
Phone: +44 1655 331000
Address: Turnberry, Ayrshire KA26 9LT, UK
The Scottish power supporters like brexit supportors ability to hold you up and  send you to IMH….
Christian Johannes Trump (Frederick Trump’s father).

Frederick Trump – Wikipedia
Born in Kallstadt, Bavaria (now Rhineland-Palatinate), Germany, he emigrated to the United States at the age of 16 and started working as a barber. … He was the father of Fred and John G. Trump, and grandfather of businessman Donald Trump, elected as President of the United States in November 2016.
July 2016. Brexit is Britain exit. Scotland is in
/news/2016/6/16/watch-how-nigel-farage-became-friends-with-donald-trump visit in June holidays ignoring the best way to networking and be successful websites for presidency election. 5 months turned to go my way.



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