SGX SGD account statement OCBC bank $8.65 (8.80) Aspialtrea200401 16000$0.940.

  1. ( BHG RETAIL REIT 10,000 $0.88-0.65 lost 0.23  sold 0.65*10,000-6470.47)

    Crab’s eyes.

    Had to see eyes are moving ,they moved sideways and strong. If houseflies come to befriend,better eat them fresh. Not to let them gather smells to attract houseflies.Stringent check . What need to know… President election,politics kill us,do crabs stocks know politics,they fight and flight like warriors in the beaches,survival kids struggled for how long,how huge,how strong it growth. It’s sand castles with out a gold found. Golden opportunity is to dig and find a craving crab.

    <img class="size-full wp-image-92" width="800" height="462" alt="6,999 dividend " src="

; title=”9 crabs stocks vs Ezion bonds.” />

    162k vs 250k Hyflux 6% 20,000 $0.972

      20000 s1.10

    2(.Uoehtrust 2660 $0.680-0.69 (2600) odd lot 0.61(60) sold.0. 6882*2660-1803.08

    (Perennial n200429 5000 $1.004 queue.5 000*1.005 4996.10 .no more.) dividend 10/10/16 loss.

    Loss or gain

    Oxleymtnb200518 (BTNZ)5.15% $150M  $0.990

    HPHTRUST USD 8000$0.445(10%)

    See latest news on dividend and USD appreciated and Yict acquisition.

    EZIONN200313 250000

    Paper Tigers like paperclips – like Strength & impermeable MINDSETS ability of papers is falling apart. Paperclips will allow when to open to let go.

    Don’t fall in love with this crabs stocks. Whatever you have may be variable and importance,but let go will be painful if lost.,maybe happy when gain…so replacement by robot.

    Robot trading no emotions involved, no candlestick,no trading by carelessness.

    All are preprocessor and programmer analyst position of how probabilities 95% .

    All the times spent on stocks robot.vs preparing next new ipo

    Dividend 7% Lippo malls   Rupiah’s down 30% no growth. M’sia dropped Ringgits 3.15. in term of currency exchange rate,massive value dropped

    In HPHT 0.445¢

    Washing machine.

    Rupiah down 30%

    RMB down8%

    SGD down 6% gdp1%?

    How to calculate?

I saw “the elites predicted the collapsed of ” crabs”
S_ Swiss
The grip of Brussels saw  egos put to one side and rivalries put on hold to push for an entitlement vote in EU real estate 10% referendum…Or did it. Ref:-)
Behind a flat promising hope and glory that I will be handsomely praised., but seemingly mired in blood,sweat and  tears,leave group riven with feuds :9 siblings against 1.who policing only MP.against the rest of the party.))

It a perfect clear on 11 Jan, a power outage speech,his determination not to let ‘ golden Rooster’s destroyed everything he had worked so hard for running the Whitehouse .His out campaign_ one that would frustrate, bamboozled, annoy and baffled the ‘ golden rooster right up until handover 20 Jan day. I realised something is going on, after,listening to the farewell party broadcasting .Like BRExit.
Like uni_ political_ philosophy, economics _$tudy.jumpstart_ real world a trader of Wall Street ( London stock exchange LSE) ((LSE married deal Euac.and set the modern day Eu in SG wheels in motion on the euro.))
No internet access world all printed out in papers. It’s not just Eurosceptiscs outside ,Euac got faced rebellious children’s from his own backbenchers as he tried to get his home Eu law.
LSE from her own backbenchers as she tried to get her home law. Shakespeare players, man for people or a man of people)))Pap man for people? Banks donations, insurances donations startjump election_real_world. Bennett-Jones (Journalist). Image Result .
Indicators two opinions 1. Euro 2.brexit
(((LSE_1,Euac_2) ?



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