Caring is posting ,giving,loving,easy.but what’s to make someone love you,is difficult.


Loving for someone is easy,but to make someone care for you is difficult, love you is easy. So you never lose your parents who really care ,love, own you…


You need money ,they give you.
Your necessity is given no matter what happened to you.
Making life affordable and reliable info teach you to be good. I still think acedamic education is basic need like ergkMaslow’s hierarchy of needs. E_ embrace., R_ Relationship G_ god
K_ knowledge.M_Maslow’s hierarchy of needs – Wikipedia’s_hierarchy_of_needs
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a theory in psychology proposed by Abraham Maslow in his 1943 paper “A Theory of Human Motivation” in Psychological Review. Maslow subsequently extended the idea to include his observations of humans’ innate curiosity.


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What are examples of psychological needs? |
Psychological needs are the mental needs that motivate a person to achieve goals and perform certain activities. They are distinct from physical needs, which have more to do with meeting requirements to survive and remain healthy.
Stress management – Wikipedia
Stress management refers to the wide spectrum of techniques and psychotherapies aimed at controlling a person’s levels of stress, especially chronic stress, usually for the purpose of improving everyday functioning.

Stress: Ways to Manage and Reduce It – WebMD
· Exercise. Working out regularly is one of the best ways to relax your body and mind. …
· Relax Your Muscles. When you’re stressed, your muscles get tense. …
· Deep Breathing. Stopping and taking a few deep breaths can take the pressure off you right away. …
· Eat Well.
Tips to Manage Anxiety and Stress | Anxiety and Depression …
· Take a time-out. …
· Eat well-balanced meals. …
· Limit alcohol and caffeine, which can aggravate anxiety and trigger panic attacks.
· Get enough sleep. …
· Exercise daily to help you feel good and maintain your health. …
· Take deep breaths.
Stress Management – Stress Management & Anxiety – Psychologist …
Stress management encompasses techniques intended to equip a person with effective coping mechanisms for dealing with psychological stress. Definition of stress: Stress management defines stress precisely as a person’s physiological response to an external stimulus that triggers the “fight-or-flight” reaction.
8 Exercises That Relieve Stress – Women’s Guide to Stress …
· 1 / 9. Exercise is one of the best ways to reduce stress. …
· 2 / 9 High-Energy Activities. The benefits of aerobic exercise — like running, dancing, spinning, and in-line roller-skating — include an increased heart rate. …
· 3 / 9 Yoga. …
· 4 / 9 Tai Chi. …
· 5 / 9 Pilates. …
· 6 / 9 Other Martial Arts. …
· 7 / 9 Kickboxing. …
· 8 / 9 Team Sports.

Watch ERGKmaslow “Singapore Writers Festival 2016 | Pre-Festival Video” on YouTube

I believe the history ancient events



for us in the Bible are present in our lives today in some way.

E_embrace E_ Exodus. R_respect.
G_gain G_God
K_ Knowledge that is not speculative but “E_ experiential”. Not second hand knowledge: it is direct knowledge.
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and adorable self fullfillment physology . Bottom🙂
Physiological NEEDS
Safety NEEDS
Esteems NEEDS:
Accomplish NEEDS
Prestige NEEDS
Self actualisation, achieving full potential,creative activities.
Leadership 19-35years
Personal peace 35_60
Output to world 60-102 years
Input to both universal peace and power. Transcendent NEEDS  top
Spiritual NEEDS wifi.

God bestows on humankind is never abstract.,but tied to and rooted in human life. God “deeds and words which are intrinsic value connected:-
One. Only heard about him.,but I never see you. Not actually meet you. Acedemic study I told my mother to improve my English. I saw face in YouTube,in cinema filmshow, I told my mother, I fall in love with his handsome face; not with him different cultures and languages in his book, Bible. I don’t understand him.
My mother reply ” open your eyes widen, don’t put stamps on the Envelope,  mysteries hidden in the visible are revealed to you. Covered your eyes with stamps.”
I realised surname ER and EU.
God had created a unique ER only for me. Redemption is at the center of history; it is rooted. Woo (Embrace Union -pay) God Knowledge, without understanding, allegations ,scary looks, characters Eu envoy. ..
Woo God Knowledge….. Prepositions….
Woo keeping care of goat.1955—-+++
Woo barking like rooster 1957….
Not all fate the same …….
Eu Engineering kids 1947…3.. Fibnocci
To a family of 10.


EU EE driving without licenses ,she blindfolded both eyesight with stamps
Her life not in holding good cards and trying to play well or struggling to survive with less than 20 USD depending on 3 donations 🙂 CPF
Children’s, dividend 1%>>>
EU GL driving well, with polytechnic college and marriage of 2 kids.
She played smart in all plays and accomplished her goal early following me into 1999 real estate investments.
Intelligent youngest daughter of EU.

EU G H driving her god given HUGE debts compound interest rates lies became Chinese citizens said you are human vs money from sky air intake until bloated in water . Driving no license bikes into casinos by casinos until broker then came back to alleged you for moneys. Praying repeatedly throwing dices likely gambling with God. Forgetful habits since young mentality and point fingers at you for being not helping.
Multilayer character that can be insane.
Coo CFO reporting directly to LOSE adm
By guarantee her out, using her to bail then put back IMH patient reliable or not. Manipulation of family money’s as her salary as coo demanding high pay to herself. Refer Nobles groups saga.
Since her Peggi was borned 1986 till
now, She had been grasshoppers in multinational companies to the days she fallout with government fines .Using various telco company. Using one after another until fines. She left
SG highway to Gentings Highlands, driving without pilot’ s licenses piloting to HK without goal or good card,she left her daughter and gone.

Modi offers subsidies for India’s farmer as cash shortage bites, Government & Economy – THE BUSINESS TIMES
Singapore or Zikapore housing in Singapore – Wikipedia
A block of HDB flats (Chinese: 组屋) along Bukit Batok West Avenue 5. Public housing in Singapore is managed by the Housing and Development Board (HDB) under temporary leaseholds. The majority of the residential housing developments in Singapore are publicly governed and developed.
ANNEX B1 Raised Income Ceilings for Citizen Families HDB will …
Raised Income Ceilings for Citizen Families. HDB will raise the monthly income ceiling for families from $10,000 to $12,000 for the following: a. Buying a new flat from HDB; b. Buying a resale flat with the CPF Housing Grant; and c. Getting a HDB concessionary loan.

Siweiluozi’s Blog: Wang Lijun, Episode One PU was acussed using net to attract.

Zhi Liang using this to insult?
The great compassion heart of great nations, how a nation can become the most unequal.
My brother-in-law asked me in CNY days. “Why you playing cards by just$1.”
“I told him all these are my siblings, if I lost $1 to them,it OK  coz, RELATIONSHIP.”
And if win small $1 ” just to keep up CONTROL relations”
And if both win or lost ” just waste time” I just do it today quality time together. THOUGHT is important to keep quality time together”.
And if you left the game ,I took over ” it’s OK” I just go for a teabreak to join others WORK in the kitchen,preparing lunch together quantity time once a year. Happily going for lunch together _ness is QUALITY CONTENTS.
I am what I am . I live my life.
Blessing to my life.


Life blessing that I hold well the good cards, am I playing well with my life?
If I am GREEDY then what about others more greedy than you?
If I playing those cards that I hold well,by now I am a billionaire now. Not just gambling in stocks, properties, casinos.which I think $100 too much to step in.

Japanese Yen Rally At Crossroads: Watch This Resistance! | See It Market

HALF GLASS FULL OR EMPTY.? The following document Microsoft Win features that might work. Why
Yen to dollar
Convert Japanese Yen (JPY) and United States Dollars (USD …
· |
· 0.50 | 58
· 1.00 | 117
· 2.00 | 234

Noble groups’ businesß management
Noble Group Limited (N21 on SGX) last traded at 0.17 (-1.73%).
30 December 5:04 PM SGT ( Disclaimer – )
The stocks cool to lowest

Calpine buyer noble group energy.

Calpine is subsidiaries of noble groups?
The other round the clock
The other unit is available
Scmp noble groups lawsuits 🙂
Scmp Richard Elman Family – Parents, Siblings, Spouse, Children …
Richard Elman Net Worth. According to Forbes, Elman is worth US$ 1.6 billion as of December 2014. A self-made man, the major source of his wealth is commodities. He ranks #36 on Hong Kong’s 50 Richest list. …recognise subversion and Subvertere means ” to turn from below” and when you turn something’s on its head in a sneaky way that’s subversion” traitor”.

Calpine Corporation (CPN on NYSE) last traded at 11.43 (-1.80%) in after hours trading.
30 December 4:01 PM GMT-5 ( Disclaimer – ) 11.0Calpine Corporation (CPN on NYSE) last traded at 11.43 (-1.80%) in after hours trading.
30 December 4:01 PM GMT-5 ( Disclaimer – )